Tuesday, May 22 2018


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VisionWatch Canada Data for Q4 2016 Now Available

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VuePoint has released the VisionWatch 4th Quarter 2016 consumer data on the Canadian optical market. The dataset represents the latest since the inception of the Canadian consumer panel in June 2015.

You can view the report details by clicking the link below:

Key Highlights:

  • Overall Canadian consumer usage of vision corrective devices and frequency of eye examinations remains steady and similar to levels in the US.
  • While many of the metrics are similar to the USA, if applying the 10:1 ratio, there are notable exceptions:
    • AR penetration rate in Canada remains substantially higher than in USA.
    • Contact Lens purchases in physical locations is 10 pts higher in Canada versus USA
    • Mass Merchants and Dept. Store sales of optical are much more developed in USA versus Canada
    • Sunwear sales in Retail Optical and Independents is much more developed in Canada versus USA
    • Purchase cycle for all products, including glasses, CLs and Readers is slightly higher in Canada

Click here to see the Quantitative Report Online



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