Friday, April 20 2018


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Engineer at Simon Fraser Develops High Resolution Retinal Scanner

  • Science

Marko Sarunic, Engineering Science Professor at Simon Fraser University, has developed a high resolution retinal scanner that can help in diagnosing disease before vision loss occurs.

The scanner produces three dimensional cross sections of the retina down to the smallest details—individual blood vessels, capillaries and photoreceptors. The new retinal scanner is also much smaller than current high resolution scanners.

“It’s a breakthrough in clinical diagnostics,” says Sarunic. “With the high-resolution scanner, ophthalmologists and optometrists can detect damage and changes to small numbers of individual photoreceptors, giving them a diagnosis before the patient loses vision, and the potential to take preventative measures.”

Vitreoretinal Specialist Dr. Eduardo Navas says, “Early detection of abnormal blood vessels caused by Wet AMD and diabetes is essential to saving a patient’s vision. Dr. Sarunic’s new imaging technology is benefiting patients, allowing us to diagnose and treat Wet AMD and diabetic eye disease before patients develop bleeding and permanent damage to their retina.”

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