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5 Key Reasons to Recruit (and Search) During the Holidays

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Slowing down recruitment activities during the holiday season is likely a tactical error. The holidays provide a great opportunity to catch candidates in career change mode. Here are five key reasons why you should actively recruit during the holiday season.

  1. Holidays are prime time for exploring, reflection and change. With the workload slowing down, prospects have more slack time to explore, return calls and conduct online research on new opportunities. Also, the holidays offer more plausible excuses to skip out and attend that key interview.
  1. Stand out with less competition. Don’t follow the crowd. Ads tend to slow down during the period, creating a less crowded environment for your ad to stand out.
  1. Hiring managers have greater availability. Fewer meetings and out of town travel make hiring managers more readily available for interviews. The season also offers a great opportunity to showcase your office culture at its best with the holiday spirit on full display.
  1. Everyone is thinking about money. Year end is often when bonuses are paid and next year salary discussion is raised. These discussions might put undervalued prospects more into play. The hiring managers by now have next years’ budget numbers and can get a good head start on the upcoming fiscal year.
  1. Candidates are more active on social media. Prospects use free time in December to update social media content, LinkedIn profiles, and resumes. They are ready to begin a job search. They’re engaged social media, making it easier to find jobs and you as a prospective employer.

Successful recruitment requires a full time, 12-month effort, and that 12th month might just be the most productive.

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