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Highlights – May/June 2017

    Frames Fit for Little Ones,
    Confessions of a Pediatric Practitioner,
    Fitting Young Myopes with Contact Lenses
  • 2017 International Vision Expo East Focused on the Future
  • EyeCare Update: Retinopathy of Prematurity: An Overview of Screening and Managements
  • Peter Coombs: Industrial Refinement
  • The Best of New Releases
  • Research Updates and more

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Previous Issue

Highlights – April 2017

  • SUN & LIGHT:
    Looking Sensational in the Sun,
    Have You Got the Blues?
  • There’s More to Come: UW Optometry at 50
  • A Spotlight on Millennials & Transitions Academy Highlights
  • Bellinger Eyewear’s Multiple Personalities
  • The Best of New Releases
  • Research Updates and more

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